Thomas Hestbæk Andersen

Thomas Hestbæk Andersen

Thomas Hestbæk Andersen holds a PhD in linguistics (2003) and is an Associate Professor in Business Communication at the University of Southern Denmark. He is Head of Research/PI for an externally funded project: ‘The resemiotisation of buying and selling interaction’ – ‘Resemina’ (supported by The Velux Foundation).

His research focuses on social semiotic text analysis as well as text production, hereunder explorations on the digital resemiotisation of interaction in/from organisations. Thomas also investigates multimodal copy writing, multimodal discourse analysis and (as basic research) a systemic functional description of the grammar and semantics of Danish.

Thomas has been a key figure in applying social semiotics to the area of business communication. With social semiotics as the basis, he has developed models and descriptions in the areas of copy writing, communication planning, web-based interaction (especially online shopping) and organizational credibility.

His maybe proudest scientific achievement is that he has developed a systemic functional description of Danish (which has functioned as the reference work for similar descriptions of Norwegian and Swedish).

He is founder and chair of the Nordic Association for SFL and Social Semiotics, reviewer of multiple articles for several journals and book publishers and has contributed with numerous monographs, articles, book chapters and conference presentations around the globe.

Find Thomas’ official SDU researcher page here.