Perspectives on Social Media Technology, 2nd June

University of Southern Denmark, Campus Slagelse
Sdr. Stationsvej 28
4200 Slagelse


David M. Berry, University of Sussex, UK
Elisabetta Adami, University of Leeds, UK
Ilaria Moschini, University of Florence
Lisbeth Klastrup, IT University of Copenhagen
Theo van Leeuwen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Gunhild Kvåle, Agder University, Norway
Søren Vigild Poulsen & Christian Mosbæk Johannessen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Talks are 45 minutes total, i.e., 30 min of presentation, 10-15 min Q&A
The two last talks are 30 min total.


9.30: Arrival & coffee

9.45: Welcome by Søren Vigild Poulsen

10.00: Elisabetta Adami: Whose Interest? Denaturalising Social Media Through a (Re)design-based Method: The Case of Facebook

10.45: Break and coffee

11.00: Lisbeth Klastrup: “Meming” Meaning: The Construction of Memetalk on Facebook and Instagram

11.45: Lunch

12.30: David M. Berry: Towards a Critique of Machine Learning: Critical Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence

13.15: Ilaria Moschini: “Let’s Make an App!” From User Generated Contents to User Generated ‘Containers’: An Extended Perspective

14.00: Break and coffee

14.15: Theo van Leeuwen: The Digital Resemiotization of Social Practices – Some Principles and Some Pathways for the Social Semiotic Study of Social Media

15.00: Gunhild Kvåle: How Does Want You to Look? A Social Semiotic Technology Analysis of the Multimodal Styles of a Blog Platform

15.30: Søren Vigild Poulsen & Christian Mosbæk Johannessen: Digital Stuffness of Social Media Technology

16.00: Recap

18.00: Dinner in Slagelse town


Social Media as Semiotic Technology Symposium, 22-23 September

University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Meetingroom “Rainbow” Campus Kollegiet, Odense Campusvej 1, 13th floor,
5230 Odense M


Thursday 22 September
9.15 Søren Vigild Poulsen & Gunhild Kvåle: Welcome & presentation of participants

9.45 Emilia Djonov & Theo van Leeuwen: Analysing semiotic software: A social semiotic approach to studying software’s role in guiding, expanding, and distributing meaning-making 

10.45 Coffee break

11.00 Søren Vigild Poulsen & Gunhild Kvåle: Social media as semiotic technology – a social semiotic multimodal perspective

11.45 Lunch

13.00 Jill Walker Rettberg: Hand Signs for Lipsyncing: the Emergence of a Gestural Language on

13.45 Ruth Page: YouTube as a Social Semiotic for Citizen Journalism: The Oscar Pistorius Trial

14.30 Coffee & cakes

14.45 Sumin Zhao: Everyday aesthetics, public “scrapbook” & multimodal curation: the question of authorship in the digital space

15.45 Wrap-up & round table discussion

19.00 Dinner in town at restaurant Bergama, Vesterbro 11, 5000 Odense C

Friday 23 September
9.15 Michele Zappavigna: Social media photography: Intersubjectivity and the construal of self in Instagram images

10.15 Coffee break

10.30 Bo Kampmann Walther: The Way We Stage Ourselves. Social Technology Meets Human Capital: A Semiotic Framework

11.15 Berit Henriksen: Framing the Audience: Representations of Closeness in Social Media Texts

12.00 Lunch

13.15 Elisabetta Adami: Be different (with taste): Affordances, practices and agency in the shaping of style and aesthetics

14.00 Tuomo Hiippala: Scale up: analysing social media images using computer vision and machine learning

14.45 Coffee & cakes

15.00 Theo van Leeuwen: Dialogue and Interactivity on Social Media

15.45 Wrap-up: What is social media as semiotic technology, and where do we go from here?

19.00 Dinner in town, restaurant Olivia, Vintapperstræde 37, 5000 Odense