Nina Nørgaard


Nina Nørgaard is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Department of Language and Communication and has a Ph.D. in stylistics. Her research interests lie within the fields of multimodal semiotics, stylistics, multimodal stylistics, critical discourse analysis, Systemic Functional Linguistics, typography and the semiotics of architecture. She has a keen interest in combining work and insights from the (traditionally separated) fields of stylistics and multimodality. While similar in essence in their grammatical approach to communication, there has been very little contact between the two fields so far. In Nina’s view, multimodal theory can provide tools that will enable stylisticians to handle modes other than (and in addition to) language, and stylistics may, in turn, see to it that language gets a more prominent role in multimodal work than has previously been the case.

In 2017, Nina was a Carlsberg Semper Ardens Research Fellow. This enabled the completion of her monograph, Multimodal Stylistics of the Novel: More than Words (Routledge: in press), in which she presents a comprehensive framework for multimodal stylistic analysis of novels which in addition to wording make use of modes such as (special) typography, layout, colour, images and other graphic elements for their meaning-making. In another recent publication, she examines literary manipulation as a multimodal phenomenon. She is currently working on a project with Alexandra Holsting and Cindie Maagaard which explores the potential of combining their respective expertise in multimodality, linguistics and narratology.

Nina teaches a broad range of disciplines in English language and communication, including various courses on stylistics and multimodality.

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