Book Annoncement: Social Semiotics – Key Figures, New Directions

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Today on Halliday’s 90th birthday we are proud to announce: “Social Semiotics: Key Figures, New Directions” on Routledge,  marking Halliday’s influence on a number of important scholars such as Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen, James R. Martin, Gunther Kress, Theo Van Leeuwen and Jay Lemke. Please see:









M.A.K Halliday’s work has been hugely influential in linguistics and beyond since the 1960s. This is a collection of interviews with key figures in the generation of social semioticians who have taken Halliday’s concept of social semiotics and developed it further in various directions, making their own original contributions to theory and practice. This book highlights their main lines of thought and considers how they relate to both the original concept of social semiotics and to each other. Key themes include:

  • Linguistic studies, multilinguality and evolution of language;
  • Text, discourse and classroom studies;
  • Digital texts, computer communication and science teaching;
  • Multimodal text- and discourse analysis;
  • Education and literacy;
  • Media work and visual and audio modes;
  • Critical Discourse Analysis.

Featuring interviews with leading figures from linguistics, education and communication studies, a framing introduction and concluding chapter summing up commonalities and differences, connections and conflicts and key themes, this is essential reading for any scholar or student working in the area of social semiotics and systemic functional linguistics. Additional video resources are available on the Routledge website.