Cindie Aaen Maagaard

As a member of the Centre for Multimodal Communication, Associate Professor Cindie Maagaard explores how multimodal and narrative approaches to the analysis of communication can be mutually enhancing and challenging. Her focus is on narratives told within, by and about organizations and institutions, and she is particularly interested in understanding how narratives are used to construct and communicate identity within those contexts. To this aim, she is also a member of the Centre for Narratological Studies and the Cross Com research centre, both at SDU. Most recently, she has done work to advance the concept of “counter-narrative” and has joined a collaboration with the Health Sciences in the field of Narrative Medicine. Cindie Maagaard teaches in written communication, organizational and corporate communication, corporate storytelling and narrative medicine. She is an active contributor to conferences, journals such as Discourse, Context and Media, and anthologies, and is currently co-editing a book for De Gruyter entitled Fact and Fiction in Tension: Test Cases of Fictionality.

On a personal note, Cindie is happily married and a proud chess mom. Her other interests include writing poetry, daydreaming in her garden and volunteering at the local church.

Find her official SDU researcher page here.