Carl Bache

Carl Bache is Professor of English at the Department of Language and Communication and Head of the Doctoral School of the Humanities at SDU. His main teaching areas and research interests are general linguistics (especially functional linguistics), syntax, semantics, stylistics and English grammar. Within Systemic Functional Linguistics he has made several contributions:

  • a non-recursive tense description in English based on complex choice relations as an alternative to Halliday & Matthiessen’s approach (Bache 2008),
  • a critique of the way systemicists (notably Halliday and Hasan) interpret Hjelmslev and the role of Glossematics in a functional linguistic context (Bache 2010),
  • an intensive study of the concept of choice in Systemic Functional Linguistics (Bache 2013).

Currently he is engaged in exploring the narrative use of temporal conjunctions (such as when, before and until) (cf. Bache 2016, 2018).

Find Carl’s official SDU researcher page here.